Kane Area Revitalization Enterprise (KARE)

Over the past decade the Kane Community has experienced some major changes that were brought on by a group of committed individuals. In 1998 a group of Kane residents got together and developed an action plan for the community. From this initial meeting, five key projects were determined. With a lot of hard work, diligence and partnerships between local businesses and civic organizations the community has benefited from these projects. 

While some of these initial projects still exist, The final project was reconditioning and enhancing the Central Business District. The “Uptown Kane” façade renovation project has been the largest and longest term project from the original plan. Thanks to a grant award from the National Forest Service more than 65% of the façades in the Central Business District have received some type of historic restoration. In addition to the façade program, new streetlights, benches, trash receptacles, planters and bicycle racks have been purchased as part of the Streetscape design. 

Actively involved with all these projects was the Kane Area Revitalization Enterprise (KARE). Over the past decade, KARE has contributed to improving the Kane community and will continue to undertake projects that enhance and improve the quality of life for all residents and visitors. 

Other KARE projects included: business workshops, a Wi-Fi feasibility study, wildfire equipment for the Kane Volunteer Fire Department, and more.

KARE for Kane 2015 is scheduled for Friday, May 8th!

Last year, over 400 volunteers completed over 40 beautification and restoration projects in the Kane area in ONE DAY!   We encourage all Kane area residents and employees to get involved-- this is a great opportunity to work along side of your friends and neighbors for the benefit of our great community!

We are currently seeking volunteers and community projects! Please contact the Kane Area Development Center by calling 814-837-6565 for more information!

Non-Profits/Churches/Municipalities:  We are currently seeking projects for KARE for Kane.