Kane Area Revitalization Enterprise (KARE) Kane Chamber of Commerce Kane Area Industrial Development Corporation
In 1998 a group of Kane residents got together and developed an action plan for the community. From this initial meeting, five key projects were determined. Chambers of Commerce are at the heart of local economies. The Kane Chamber celebrates and promotes the diversity and uniqueness of our local community.  (KAIDC) works to identify, build and promote new and established businesses and industry, retail development, and tourism opportunities in the Kane area of Northwest Pennsylvania.
Open Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm
54 Fraley Street, Kane, PA 16735 - (814) 837-6565
Available Commercial and Industrial Properties in the Kane Area

Filer By:

700 Elk Avenue, Kane PA

154,162 square feet
Parcel Size: 17.5 acres
Price: 0
Owner: McKean County
Contact: 814-837-6565

Wetmore Avenue, Kane PA

Commercial or Industrial Property
Parcel Size: 14.07 acres vacant
Price: 0
Owner: Barry Johnson
Contact: 814-837-7280

Routes 6 & 321, SW corner Kane PA

Commercial or Residential
Parcel Size: 1.8 acres vacant
Zone: Commercial KOZ: koez
Price: 0
Owner: George Nelson
Contact: 814-837-8130

628 North Fraley Street, Kane PA

Commercial with rental property
Parcel Size: 2 acres with commercial rental property
Zone: Commercial KOZ: koez
Price: 0
Owner: Fred Lorenzo
Contact: 814-837-9475

511 North Fraley Street, Kane PA

Commercial with building
Parcel Size: 0.51 acres
Zone: Commercial KOZ: koez
Price: 0
Owner: John Gentilmen
Contact: 814-331-0934

Routes 6 & 321, SE corner Kane PA

Commercial with building
Parcel Size: 0.11 acres
Zone: Commercial KOZ: koez
Price: 0
Owner: James Szymanski
Contact: 814-837-6711

Commons Alley, Kane PA

Commercial with 5,760 sq./ft. freight house
Parcel Size: 4.74 acres says paper from courthouse (3.68)says sheet I have
Zone: Commercial KOZ: koez
Price: 120000
Owner: Frank Novosel
Contact: 814-837-6379

Route 321 South, Kane PA, Wetmore Twp.

5.98 acres with Bldg.=91,818 sq.ft.
Parcel Size: Former Eaton Lumber Co.-Mill, next to Kocjancic
Zone: KOZ:
Price: 0
Owner: Eaton Lumber Co.
Contact: Hoffer Realtor 814-371-2100

Biddle Street, Kane PA

3.52 acres vacant 14.42 acres w/92,175 sq.ft. bldg.
Parcel Size: former Kane Handle site
Zone: Indus./Comm. KOZ:
Price: 0
Owner: John Shedio
Contact: 724-794-1321

Route 6 East, Kane PA, Wetmore Twp.

farm house,modular home,19 storage spaces
Parcel Size: 150 acres (across from Kane County Club)
Zone: Wetmore Twsp. KOZ:
Price: 0
Owner: Ed Kocjancic
Contact: 814-837-8488

136-138 Fraley Street, Kane PA

Commercial or Retail
Parcel Size:
Zone: Central Business KOZ:
Price: 0
Owner: Richard Johnson
Contact: 814-837-9215

Chestnut Street Kane, PA

Former elementary school renovated into office multi-tenant complex
Parcel Size:
Status: Available
Zone: Kane Borough KOZ: NO
Price: 700
Owner: Kane Sterling
Contact: Sherry Mohney 814-837-6464 ext.108

Fraley Street

Former Temple Pharmacy
Parcel Size: 20x100
Status: Available
Zone: Commercial KOZ: NO
Price: 0
Owner: asgioinfo@gmail.com
Contact: 814.598.3673

80 Greeves St. Kane, PA

Kane Motel
Parcel Size: 10 units
Status: Available
Zone: KOZ: No
Price: 0
Owner: Denise Rawding
Contact: 814-837-6161

96 Wetmore Ave.

3 phase power, boiler heat, large bridge crane, rail access. $620 annual taxes.
Parcel Size: 4,000 sq. ft. on .56 acres
Status: For Sale
Zone: None KOZ: No
Price: 150000
Owner: Joe Fikles
Contact: 814.558.4875

608 Fraley Street. Kane, PA

Built to suit. Busy plaza. Great parking.
Parcel Size: 6.700 square feet
Status: For rent/ lease
Zone: Commercial KOZ: No
Price: 0
Owner: Bill Ford
Contact: 607.478.8417
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